6 Steps

1: Start inside

Based on your past and strategy, in a discussion (with key stakeholders) we identify together an inspiring mission and vision as well as core values and test them with internal and external stakeholders.

2: Prioritize and choose

Before you can create the magic sentence that captures what you’re all about, you need to be able to prioritize your most important offerings – what are the 3 or 4 most crucial offerings for your customer that set you apart from the competition?

3: Create the story

The ability to create a compelling story has become the essence of persuasive communication. What problems are you solving for your (potential) customers and why is that significant?

4: Show proof

This is probably the easiest section as it simply lists all of the facts about your product or service, such as product features, endorsements, etc.

5: Case studies

Now that you’ve created your message pillars that include your key offerings, narratives and proof points, the best way to solidify and reinforce them is through specific real-world examples or client/customer testimonials.

6: Elevator Pitch

Together we create a positioning statement that works as hard as possible for you. However, by no means you are you stuck with a positioning statement forever – it should always be updated to reflect new strategies, developments and overall direction for the company.

Set your goals and identify your desired results

In order to be able to track the progress of your marketing and communication efforts, not to mention their ROI, it’s essential to conceptualize all of your goals as well as your desired results.

Measure your progress

Another component worth capturing is the timeframe in which you want to achieve those results, which will allow you to better track your progress over time.

Inspect and adjust

In a time where technology changes so rapidly and marketing channels continue to evolve and emerge, it’s important that you consistently determine what works and what doesn’t, and that you’re always flexible enough to adjust quickly to changing conditions.

+10 years of experience

As a seasoned marketing and communication expert, I have advised, developed, implemented and executed marketing and communication strategies for a wide range of companies (from blue chip to start-ups) in different market segments (from shipping to agriculture, retail and information technology). I challenge, discuss and am known to ‘ask the critical‘ questions. All with the aim to help you determine what really is your added value and your best way forward.


Enjoy our journey

As I have a challenging and enjoyable job at a start-up, my availability is a maximum of 8 hours per week, which in practice fits perfectly with the schedule of our joint journey. And for me it is also critical that we enjoy the journey and not only the destination …